Airport Pickup, Worry-Free Luggage Storage, and Seamless Airbnb Delivery

At Scottsdale Party Bus, we've got your journey covered from the moment your plane touches down. We keep a close eye on your flight, ready to grab your bags when you're ready to leave the airport. While you're enjoying the sunny Valley of the Sun, we take care of securely storing your bags. When it's time for your group to check into your Airbnb, we bring your bags over. And when it's time to leave town, we do the same in reverse. The celebration continues until takeoff.

Why it's fantastic for your party:

Dive right into the good times (We pick up your bags at the airport, so you can start the party even sooner!)
Explore freely in Scottsdale (No need to carry heavy bags around)
Time is precious (Make the most of every minute with your friends!)
Soak up the last bit of sun-filled fun (Early check-out. Late flight. We handle your bags)

About us:

We love Arizona and want to help you relish all the fantastic things Scottsdale and the Southwest offer. Meeting you, looking after your luggage, and ensuring you have a carefree time in town is what we're all about. Whether you're kicking off your trip with a meal, hike, museum visit, or any adventure, we're excited to ease your load and elevate your experience.

Extra details:

If you end up having fewer bags than expected in your booking, affecting the price, consider it a tip. Opting for a pickup or drop-off spot in Old Town Scottsdale instead of the airport won't change the fee. In rare cases, if you have extra bags or your Airbnb is over 5 miles from Fashion Square Mall, we might need to adjust the price at standard rates. Extra distance is $1 per mile round trip, payable on the day of delivery.