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So you’re planning a church trip or event and you need transportation for it.

Maybe instead of piling everyone into that rickety old van, you want to take a nice party bus or Sprinter or SUV… maybe you want to let a professional chauffeur handle the driving.

Good call.

We love God and we love people.  And we love to serve.  One reason we excel at what we do is that we are 100% at your service, every step of the way.

Even though we at Scottsdale Party Bus Co. work hard to be the best, it truly doesn’t feel like work – because we love what we do!  And what we do is provide superior service that you can depend on like the sunrise!

Each one of our drivers is screened and trained to meet our high standard of excellence.

Safety is our #1 concern.  No wait, it’s superior customer service.  Or is it punctuality?  Oh, wait – it’s all three!

Here are a few more reasons to ride with us on your day of worship…

1.  We’ll drive so you can relax.  Your chariot is a place of peace.  This is your day to worship, contemplate the divine, spread the word, and help the community – your tranquility needn’t be disturbed by thoughts of transportation.  We’ve got that covered.  Traffic and parking?  It’s our pleasure to deal with it for you.  Wherever you need to go on this blessed day, we’ll get you there safely and on time.

2.  We’re your door-to-door service!  We’ll pick you up from absolutely anywhere and drop you off exactly where you need to be, right on schedule (or ahead of it) all day long.  No matter how many stops you want to make, we’ll be by your side.

3.  We have room for your entire church group!  We can call it “God’s Party Bus” and zip all around the city – or even the whole state – doing good deeds!  Spreading the love, the joy, and the spirit wherever we go.  How big is your group?  No matter how small or how large, we’ll fit everybody comfortably.  We’re all about fellowship and community.  So the more the merrier, we say!  

4.  We treat you with care and respect – because we’re all God’s children!  Our chauffeurs are dedicated servants in heart and soul, and they love what they do.  It’s truly their honor to deliver your party to your destination safely and in high spirits – but also to deliver unbeatable customer service.  You can remain humble, but we’ll still treat you like royalty.  Your doors will be opened and closed for you, and anyone who requires special assistance will receive it.

5.  We know Arizona like it’s etched on the back of our eyelids.  We’ve driven every kind of group, including church groups, all over the state, from Scottsdale, Phoenix, and the East Valley to Tucson, the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Flagstaff.  We know the most efficient routes (or the best scenic ones, if you prefer) to get you anywhere you want to go.

6.  Our high-value Church tour packages are affordable!  Your fellow friends and churchgoers will never forget the unique experience of riding in one of our party buses or spacious vans.  Our vehicles and our style may be rich and elegant, but we provide honest, reasonable rates so you don’t have to empty the coffers!

How to Book Party Bus Services for Your Church Trip

You can fill out the form on the right or below to request a quote or reserve party bus services in Scottsdale, Phoenix, or anywhere else in our beautiful state.

Or you can call or text us now at 602-875-0447 and speak with one of our warm and knowledgeable representatives for answers to any questions you have!

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