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Make Your Little Lady’s Day with a Sweet 16 Party Bus Package!

Sweet Sixteen Party Bus - Scottsdale

Can you believe it?  Your daughter (or perhaps your granddaughter or niece) is finally coming of driving age.  But rather than putting her behind the wheel on this special day, why not throw an epic bash?!

After all, it’s only natural… it’s a celebrated rite of passage in American culture.  And she’ll have plenty of time to drive herself around from here on out.

Pop in a classic 80s flick starring Molly Ringwald, indulge in some pink cake, shower her with gifts, dance around to her favorite tunes, and of course, rent a party bus.

In a party bus (or a slick luxury van) there’s room for the whole family – and the birthday girl’s besties.  Why make Mom, Dad, Grandad, or Grandma do the driving when they want to partake in the Sweet 16 celebration just as much?

Sure, driving can be fun… and that’s why our chauffeurs love doing it.  They’re so good, they’ve got the whole city committed to memory, the hottest spots fresh in their minds, and safety as their number one priority.

Of course, punctuality comes in a very, very close second.

In any case, your young lady’s Sweet 16 is an event that they’re empathetic to.  We know sixteen is a very big deal for her, so our primary goal is to ensure that she has the smoothest, most magical, memorable, and marvelous birthday ever.

Forget about driving!  We’ll drive for you, smooth as silk.  You won’t have to give a thought to turn signals, directions, stoplights, speed limits, traffic jams, parking, or anything else that distracts from the festivities.  Just kick back, relax, and focus on the task at hand.

What task is that?  Why… celebrating the birthday girl, of course!

Everyone fits comfortably!  No chum or family member left behind!  No matter how big your family is, or how many friends the special lady invites, we’ve got vehicles to accommodate.

Get the royal treatment!  Another of our top priorities is giving you the time of your life and making sure your event is nothing but roses and unicorns from beginning to end.  We’ll open your doors for you, treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy, and make you feel like royalty – because you are!

Our drivers are like Johnny Mnemonic… with massive amounts of information stored in their steel-trap minds.  (OK, maybe that reference is a little too obscure…)

What we mean is: we know this city, we know our industry, and most of all, we know people.  So if you have a question, a curiosity, or a desire you can’t quite put your finger on, we’ll have the answer – or we’ll find it.

We love this city.  And we love the people in it.

That’s why we put ourselves in your shoes (or glass slippers) and ask, “How would I want this event to go?”

Answer: smoothly, without a hassle or a hitch, with the focus on me and my guests, where I feel like an A-Lister, and where I feel safe and perfectly carefree.

So… How to Book a Sweet Sixteen Party Bus Event in Scottsdale (and greater Phoenix)?

Simply fill out the form on the right or call or text us at 602-875-0447 and speak with one of our helpful and friendly associates.  We’ll give you a free quote and even help you plan the big day!

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