Your Ultimate Party Bus Adventure with Optional Party Boat Extras (BYOB)

We've got your gang covered – whether it's a crew of up to 14 or even 20 people (with a bit extra for over 14). We've teamed up with the big pink party barge at Lake Pleasant, so booking everything with us means no worries about an extra ride for your boat reservation. Plus, we organize trips to Salt River and provide water tubes. Just share your plans, and we've got everything sorted.

Why it's fantastic for your party:

  • Party bus excitement (We're your go-to for groups up to 14 or 20!)
  • All-in-one convenience (As the sister company of the big pink party barge, we've got both land and water covered)
  • Adventure-ready (Enjoy Salt River trips with water tubes included; just let us know your plans)
  • Vibrant arrival (Look out for our eye-catching pink & black rides; you can't miss us!)
  • Hassle-free (We make group transportation stress-free, even covering your lake entrance fees. It's party time without the worry!)

About us:

Rest assured – our drivers are pros, and we're fully insured. We're not a fly-by-night service.

Extra details:

We offer ice chests for your trip; just don't forget to tip your drivers. We'll do our best to meet any special requests you have for your event. Partnering with other groups, we've got all your lake entrance fees covered – no hidden fees. And guess what? We've got limos and party buses! Depending on availability, we might even upgrade one of your nights out for free. Here's to an amazing party!

To and from Lake Pleasant | $600